Why a VPS?

    • When you want to upgrade CPU, RAM, or SAN storage, a VPS makes it easy.
    • For a reasonable price you’ll have your entire server setup for your vps seo hosting solution
    • You don’t need to worry about hardware and network infrastructures – your seo vps hosting provider will take care of the maintenance
    • A VPS is easy to set up, gives you more control over your server, and costs less than a dedicated server plan in most cases.
    • Operators maintain full administrative access to their section.
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All About Our VPS Seo Hosting Solutions

What is a VPS solutions and how can it help you? VPS stands for virtual private server, a semi-shared environment that is a step up from shared hosting, but less expensive than a dedicated server.
With a VPS solutions you’ll get a dedicated server capacity in regards to CPU and RAM, but won’t need to deal with the hardware associated with a dedicated server. You’ll get the benefits of a regular server, with greater ease of use.
If you choose VPS you can have Linux or Unix OS and it will be located on our OnApp platform, or you can choose a Windows server from the 2012 editions. This gives you a great deal of flexibility in meeting your needs!
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