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VPS (short for Virtual Private Server) is a step between a regular web hosting and a dedicated server. Simple as it includes its own virtual server that is hosted in a high capacity environment where you as a customer can make upgrades and downgrades of resources (IP addresses, traffic, storage space, RAM, etc.) without affecting your server availability. Everything is handled very easily through our control panel.
Cloud VPS

What is a Cloud VPS?

It is both affordable and flexible solution that offers greater freedom and opportunity to administer itself. You can easily scale up and down performance compared to a dedicated server (which you always have the same performance).
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IPv4 And IPV6 for Seo Hosting

Here At Sobe Sky Marketing we want to make sure your get the most out of your Seo Hosting effort, therefor we are offering Seo Hosting with either IPV4 or IPV6 now. Take the benefit of either choosing from IPV4 or IPv6 for any of your projects, adding IPs to the server is very easy.
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